Why the Millard Collection?

When purchasing salon pieces from the Millard Collection, you are investing in your future!  We understand the investment a salon owner takes on when opening a salon or the amount of investment it entails when it is time to renovate your salon and update your salon furniture.  With the Millard Collection, you are able to purchase a single piece of salon furniture, an entire salon space of furniture or add multiple pieces of salon furniture over time if you have a limited budget. 

Can I customize the finish of the product I ordered?

Yes!  We have chosen 3 different finishes for you to choose from when choosing your piece of salon furniture.

What is the ordering and shipping process of the Millard Collection?

The ordering process is made very simple for you when purchasing your new salon furniture from the Millard Collection.

  1. Choose the pieces and quantities of salon furniture you wish to order under the STORE tab.

  2. Complete your payment information.

  3. Your order will be custom fabricated and shipped to you within 8 weeks.

How long will it take to receive my Millard Collection pieces?

The lead-time with the Millard Collection is typically 6-8 weeks. 


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